About Us

Who We Are

HarpLoanDirect.com is a DBA of Elite Equity Consultants, Inc., a licensed and insured mortgage brokerage, licensed in the state of California.  Harp Loan Direct was specifically geared to help homeowners refinance into a more stable loan product, no matter how upside down on their mortgage they might be.   We have access to many lending institutions which are able to help approve and fund these loans, therefore providing relief for the homeowners. This is not a government website and we have no affiliation with HUD or the Treasury Department.

Our Goal

Our goal is simple:  Help financially responsible homeowners lower & stabilize their mortgage payments and providing financial relief, even though they have no equity in their home.  While the information is not guaranteed to be accurate, we are able to help most homeowners who are eligible and meet the minimum credit criteria.

What We Do

  1. Give homeowners easy access to verify if they are eligible for the HARP 2.0 program via our simple to use 3-step process.
  2. Offer up-to-date information about the program and educate homeowners on the most viable solution in providing mortgage relief assistance.
  3. Provide access to a network of HARP approved lenders that can help refinance underwater homeowners with competitive rates & fees.

Contact Us Today:

Harp Loan Direct is located at 11601 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 500, Los Angeles, Ca 90025

If you should have any questions, please call us at Toll Free:  (866) 481-HARP (4277)

You can also email us at:  info@harploandirect.com


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